Salmon River Estuary Wooden Kayak Tours

Guided wooden kayak tours for small groups on the Salmon River estuary in Otis, Oregon

Located six miles from Lincoln City

A different kayak experience

Like cruising down the road in a classic car, our kayaks can feel like stepping back in time. Your guide will accompany you on a slow paddle through a pristine area near the mouth of the Salmon River and the Pacific Ocean.

Salmon River Wooden Kayak Company - Kayaker 1

A unique combination of scenery, wildlife and habitat

Salmon River Wooden Kayak Company - Kayaker 8

Hand Crafted Wooden Kayaks

It’s not about just being on the water, it’s about deftly cutting through it. We provide a fun experience paddling in beautiful hade-made upscale wooden kayaks.

All kayak tours are booked online in advance and are by appointment only.
No drop-ins, please. There is no physical store front.
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